Most college admissions companies don't actually provide the comprehensive guidance students need to apply to college. University Connection offers a new kind of college counseling—from standardized test prep to financial aid counseling, we are here to meet every need, for every student.

We're Reinventing College Admissions

All of our expert consultants understand first-hand the admissions process and experience for students at the Nation's top schools, giving us in-depth knowledge of the dynamic process and decisions of admissions officers at every school. Our admissions experts help students make informed decisions, prepare the most impressive and effective application packages, and ease the anxiety of the admissions process.

Every one of our extensive packages provides access to industry-leading services, such as essay assistance based on number of essays, not on time limits. To provide services around each student’s schedules, whether that be after school hours, in evenings, and even on the weekends. University Connection experts are here to work with students at any step of the planning, preparation, and application process to keep students ahead of the application schedule and organized throughout the entire journey.

Our counselors work with students one-on-one through all aspects of the admissions process with the support of the University Connection team. In the last five years, 91% percent of our students were admitted to one or more of their top three college choices.

University Connections understands the importance of college decisions and strives to help students maximize the probability of gaining admission to their top choice universities while minimizing the stress and anxiety often associated with the selection and admission process. We serve educational organizations and their students throughout the United States, and internationally.

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With college often being one of the most expensive purchases parents can make, it is worth having expert support to ensure your student ends up at the best university of their choosing.

University Connections admissions experts help students understand their chances of admission at different colleges and completing applications every step of the way. Our experts will work with students to develop a best-fit college list, prep them for admission interviews, plan their campus visits, guide them through essays, or simply help them stay on track with all their applications.

University Connection Admissions Counselors are experienced and passionate about providing students one-on-one attention to navigate the college process. Unlike high school counselors, University Connection admission experts have very small caseloads; most do not work with more than 20-25 students at once.

Why University Connection?

When it comes to applying to college, knowledge is power. The more you know – about the college, about the application process, about financial aid – the better off you’ll be finding schools that are a good fit, gaining admission, and making a well-informed decision about where to go.

Each year, we hear about outstanding students who did not get accepted into their dream schools. The college landscape is changing, and parents often do not understand how to effectively help their child apply. Even navigating the online college application can be difficult for many students and parents.

Public high school students in the U.S. receive an average of just 38 minutes of college counseling per year, and private counselors only devote 37% of their time advising students on college. With guidance counselors having such large case-loads, there is no question that many teenagers feel lost by their senior year.

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